Why Chrysalis?

Chrysalis (“kris-a-lis”) is the casing in which a caterpillar encloses itself to fully develop and emerge as a butterfly. The use of this name for our business symbolises the work we do as psychologists – we provide our clients with a safe place in which to make the transformations they want for themselves and their lives. We aim to help you emerge with a renewed perspective and tools for getting the most you can from the life you choose to create for yourself.


We apply a Positive Psychology framework in all that we do. Fundamentally this means that through use of coaching psychology strategies we make sure every one of our clients nurtures their potential to achieve a flourishing life. This means learning new skills to manage the most amazing organ in the body – the brain!

So if you’re struggling with stress, anxiety or depression, a relationship that’s gone off track, parenting or co-parenting, work problems, coming to terms with a significant life change, or anything else that’s taking the glow out of life, talking it through with a psychologist can help. Our goal is to help you learn how to beat unhelpful thoughts or behaviour habits causing negative emotions so you bounce back stronger, more resilient, and with a swag of life skills to ensure you become happy, self-confident and successful long into the future. Contact Chrysalis Counselling and Coaching today.

Chrysalis Counselling & Coaching Brisbane - Why Chrysalis

If it’s time to put the pieces of your life back together, or to add new pieces to an already good life, find out how we can help you by browsing the services we currently have available.