Mental Fitness Course & Retreat

Mental Fitness is so much more than just doing crosswords or online “brain training” games. Unfortunately there is little research to support the myth that these activities stave off dementia or keep you mentally “well” long into old age.

Mental Fitness is like physical fitness – it needs regular investment of effort and time into keeping all parts of your brain functioning at their best, from the brainstem right through to the outer cortex.

What do you know about all the different parts of your brain, what they do and how to stimulate them to work well?

Our Mental Fitness Course peels back the layers to bring you up-to-date information about the actions you can take to maintain a good healthy brain – good evidence-based research and practical tools to get your mind back into the brain’s driver’s seat!

How can I join this course?

We offer three options for accessing this unique Mental Fitness Program:

Option 1:

In person on Norfolk Island: Weekly 1-hour classes are held every Wednesdays at 9.30 AM. Limited places (only 5 per class) so please book early. This is open to residents and visitors. Each class is $15.

Option 2:

You can subscribe to access the full year of lessons online for only $780! This is open to anyone in Australia. The full program includes a link to 52 workbooks with useful information and exercises to help you make real changes to your mental fitness, plus a short podcast covering key information on each topic.

In addition to the full kit, you can purchase individual online coaching sessions to get even more value from your kit:

  • 12 monthly sessions @ $1,140
  • 6 bi-monthly sessions @ $660

Option 3: Mental Fitness Retreat

If you want an intensive personal coaching program in Mental Fitness¬† then come over to Norfolk Island for this absolutely unique experience.¬† We tailor-make a program exclusively for you based on the course modules. Book your own flights and accommodation, and come when it suits you. We’ll even add the full kit for you at a special discount price – this includes all workbooks and podcasts.

  • $1,650 for 10 hours of personalised Mental Fitness coaching
  • $550 discount for the Mental Fitness Program (optional extra)

For more information about this program or to book email Dr Kate  or call us on 0011 6723 52112