Therapy Retreats

Therapy Retreats are the perfect way to take a pause from your life and reset your compass…and Norfolk Island offers you the ideal destination to find yourself.

What is a “therapy retreat”?

Therapy Retreats combine a holiday with a block of intensive personal coaching. Whether you’re getting over a broken heart, trying to recover from anxiety or depression, battling burnout, or simply want to reconsider your life goals and set yourself a new path, getting “off the grid” to focus just on YOU is exactly what we offer.

Therapy Retreats give you the chance to get away from all your day-to-day demands and work with your own personal life coach exclusively on your goals and wellbeing needs.

We know this will be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself.

Our unique Therapy Retreats offer you the chance to bask in the healing powers of this very special place.

What’s different about the retreats we offer?

Chrysalis Counselling & Coaching is a boutique service operating from Norfolk Island, a tiny remote spec in the South Pacific about 1400 kms east of Brisbane, and about half-way between New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Four flights per week (two from Sydney and two from Brisbane) bring visitors here to soak up the peacefulness, simplicity, and remarkable history of our community.  Once you hear the plane leaving, you realise that you are now truly away from everything and that sense of being able to let go floods you.

Unlike other expensive retreats in exotic places, we aim for simplicity.  Our retreats are non-residential which means you can enjoy your solitude without the pressures of mingling with new people.

We don’t overwhelm you with all the bells-and-whistles, instead, we let you rediscover how it feels to live close to the Earth, in just the way you want so you take back the reins of your life. Our only expectation is that you fully commit to your personalised coaching program. The rest is up to you!

Your time with us will be an experience living among a small community that prides itself on self-sufficiency,  good simple healthy food with zero food miles, no traffic pressures, night-time silence that allows us to sleep like babes, and true rejuvenation that comes from being surrounded by the sea.

Best of all, you aren’t faced with any of the risks that come with overseas locations – wander around our island knowing you are absolutely safe and we (the locals) will ensure you blossom during your time with us.

How does a therapy retreat work?

Our exclusive retreat packages are tailored exactly to your own personal needs. Every Therapy Retreat is individualised – how you want to structure your coaching sessions, other activities you’d like to do while you’re here, where you want to stay, and how we follow up with you after the Retreat…no two retreats are ever the same.

Once you’ve selected your travel dates, we find you the best accommodation to suit your budget and preferences. We meet you on arrival at our airport and get you settled in, including a short spin around the island to orient you to what we offer. We’ll arrange any activities you want for your time with us – massages, yoga, bushwalks, local tours. Your personal coaching schedule is completely flexible, and we also include plenty of opportunities to meet-and-mingle with the locals.

Examples of packages we can offer include:

  • Beat the Black Dog – overcoming depression and mood disorders
  • Tame the Tiger – brain training for mastering anxiety disorders
  • Better Me Than You – boosting self-confidence and using untapped inner strengths
  • Travelling My Road – setting the personal life compass for new directions
  • Two Together – building a sustainable and satisfying relationship
  • Individual Retreat (15 hours) @ $1,650
  • Couples Retreat (15 hours) @ $2,475 per couple
  • Group Retreat (min 3, max 6) @ $1,237 per person (25% discount)
  • Optional post-retreat online coaching @ $110 per hour

Arrange your own travel and accommodation, or let us put together a complete package – come alone, or bring friends or work colleagues, we can work with you to build a program just for you! 

Email us now at to take the first step towards a whole new you.