Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness 101 – Introductory Class

Duration: 2 hrs
Fee: $75 per person

Mindfulness is the ancient gentle art of stilling the mind by being fully present in the moment. Modern science is embracing mindfulness as a core life skill for mental wellbeing. In this workshop, learn about the science of mindfulness whilst also participating in a selection of mindfulness-based exercises to fully experience inner calm, peace, and deeper feelings such as compassion and gratitude.

Advanced Mindfulness Classes

Duration: 1 hr
Fee: $35 per person

These sessions are open to anyone who has a basic understanding of Mindfulness and wants to deepen their skills in calming the mind and revitalising the body using advanced techniques from neuroscience.

Each session includes a short talk featuring an advanced lesson on Mindfulness and how this important life skill rewires the brain. This is followed by a guided meditation featuring skills for broadening and building experiences such as forgiveness and gratitude, savouring, compassion, optimism, hope, and creativity.

Private Sessions by Appointment

To book your place in a class email Dr Kate or call +6723 52112