Are you ready to change your mind?

Counselling used to be only about fixing broken lives…and of course there’s still an important place for “mind repair” specialists. But we now know that simply fixing things when they’ve come unstuck is only half the story.
As life coaching specialists, we go well beyond just repairing – we make sure every one of our clients builds a great toolbox of life skills to maintain high-level wellbeing so they can have a truly flourishing life!


We offer you:

  • Online counselling anywhere around Australia using the secure platform Vsee

  • Life Coaching via videoconference

  • Exclusive mental health retreats at Norfolk Island

  • Medicare rebates with Mental Health Plans (face-to-face only)

  • Self-help workbooks and kits

 If you’re looking for counselling, coaching, or wellness resources, come on in and take a look around or contact us:


TELEPHONE +672 3 52112 (Norfolk Island)