Carer’s Retreat


Caring for a loved one with disability, mental illness, chronic physical health condition, terminal illness or who is frail aged can be deeply rewarding. It can also be one of the most exhausting and emotionally draining jobs, with incredibly high rates of physical and mental burnout. Often carers neglect their own health which takes second place to looking after the medical, emotional and psychosocial needs of another person.

Being on call to meet all the needs of another person takes its toll physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially.  For many, living with unpredictability wears down their resilience – whether it’s from their loved one’s unstable physical health, challenging behaviours, trying to find options for long-term or respite care, financial security, even social acceptance and stigma.

Chrysalis Carer’s Retreat is a unique program specifically designed to give carers the chance to re-invest in their own wellbeing and refuel emotionally at Norfolk Island, the gem of the South Pacific.

Just over two hours’ flying time from Sydney or Brisbane, and less from New Zealand, Norfolk Island prides itself on being different from many high-end tourist destinations. Our difference is that we offer a place where stillness, safety, serenity and silence abound. We have no street lights, at night the sky is ablaze with stars, and other than the gentle sounds of the sea (and the occasional cow mooing or rooster crowing) our visitors luxuriate in being away from the constant drumming of city life. We eat what we grow here so our food is fresh and uncontaminated, our water pure cloud juice. This is a place where no-one needs to lock their doors, we wave at everyone as we drive by, and locals will stop and chat with genuine interest in you and your life.

Best of all, we are a small community that knows our lives are inter-dependent. So we get over squabbles quickly and pull together to showcase to the world that those old-fashioned values of respect and support for each other still exist.

If you’re a Carer, and you need to step off the grid for a bit of “me time”, we invite you to come and join us for an escape that will change your life.

Our Carer’s Retreat offers you:

  • 7-nights self-contained accommodation of your choice;
  • Basic Program includes 10 hours of personal coaching tailored to your own needs, selected from:
    • Coping with stress
    • Mindfulness for relaxation
    • Burnout recovery
    • Boosting daily positivity
    • Rebuilding your relationships
    • Balanced time management
    • Diet & nutrition for mental wellbeing
    • Living with vigilance, fear and unpredictability
    • Communicating effectively with service providers
    • Rekindling happiness and purpose
    • Discovering strengths and putting them to work
    • Preparing for life beyond caring
    • Putting grief into perspective
    • Advocacy and asking for support

Optional wellness add-ons include Yoga, Tai Chi, Massage, Facials etc

  • Guided bush walks
  • Self-expression through art
  • Selected tours to discover the history, culture and natural beauty of Norfolk Island

Our aim is to work with you to put together a personal plan for the future that puts you back in the driver’s seat, that gives you a set of life skills essential for making your time as a Carer a deeply enriching and fulfilling experience, that boosts your growth as a person, and ensures you sustain this new-found energy long into the future.

How the Retreat Works

Once you register to attend the retreat, and let us know the dates you prefer, we’ll contact you to find out if you would like us to handle all your bookings – air fares, accommodation, additional tours and wellness add-ons. We send you a questionnaire to give us baseline information about you and to tailor the coaching program to your personal needs, as well as the add-ons you might like to include in your package. We’ll recommend accommodation to suit your budget if you want us to take care of that for you and arrange your bookings, including any tours you want, and car hire.

When you arrive at Norfolk Island, we’ll meet you at the airport and get you settled into your accommodation. This will include planning your program for the week, as this will be entirely flexible. Your coaching sessions will be scheduled to work around other activities and allow plenty of time to just do your own thing. As your hosts, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to guarantee your stay with us is the best experience ever.

Basic Program $ 1,705.00 (includes GST)

  • Airfares, accommodation, car hire, wellness add-ons and tours are quoted on request at current cost.

Ready to plan your exclusive Carer’s Retreat?

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