Wellness Workshops

Take time out during your stay on Norfolk Island to nurture your body, mind and spirit by sampling our Wellness Workshops.  Take one workshops or lash out and take advantage of a great discount by doing two or more. And for the real “wellness junkies”, plan ahead and come over for a full week of Wellness Workshops that will change your life forever!
All workshops at 3-hours and include light refreshments.


Hardwire for Happiness 

Our brains are hardwired to attend more to bad feelings than to positive emotions simply to keep us alert to danger. Training the brain to zero in on good feelings and actively making the daily space for positive emotions is essential for flourishing. In this workshop, learn more about the science of emotions and easy tips for boosting your positivity bias.

  • $75 per person
  • $60 pp for groups of 5+


Mindfulness for Couples 

Over time, many relationships lose their gloss as familiarity grows and the hard work of everyday living saps the magic out of romance. In this workshop, you will learn new tricks for nourishing your relationship and rekindling the love that once brought you into each other’s lives.

  • $95 per couple
  • $75 for groups of 5+


Mental Fitness for Seniors 

Myths about the inevitable loss of mental capacity as we age are still common and often the greatest source of worry as we head into the senior years. In fact, worry is worse for the brain than ageing! New science is showing the amazing capacity of the brain to continue to improve in many functions as we age. Join us for a trip deep into the ageing brain and learn useful tools for keeping your mind at its peak throughout the senior years.

  • $75 per person
  • $60 pp for groups of 5+