Grow2GR8 Courses & Retreat

Grow2GR8 is our unique program specially designed for people who have been struggling with long-term mental health issues.

We combine the latest tools and techniques from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience to guide you gently to regain wellbeing and give you the life skills to keep flourishing.

Grow2GR8 includes ten modules:

  • Session 1: Vision of my best self
  • Session 2: What are my strengths?
  • Session 3: Mindfulness and savouring
  • Session 4: Memory and mental fitness
  • Session 5: Boosting positive emotions
  • Session 6: Banishing bad thinking habits
  • Session 7: Cultivating hope and optimism
  • Session 8: Gratitude and forgiveness
  • Session 9: Building resilient connections
  • Session 10: Finding my place in the world

Each module includes a short lesson about the topic, followed by practical exercises to put the theory into practice. The aim is to build up a toolbox of useful skills for coping positively with the ups and downs of life, whilst retraining new brain pathways and making sustainable changes to keep yourself well.

The program is available in three formats:

  • Face-to-face sessions x 10 weeks (in person or via videoconference)
  • Home study program (with online coaching optional)
  • Intensive 5-day non-residential retreat at Norfolk Island


   A. Face-to-Face Group sessions (6-10 per group)

  • Face-to-face weekly 1-hour sessions for groups of 6-10 people
  • Bulk billed with GP referral for “Group Focused Psychological Therapy” (no fee to patient)

 B. Online Personal Sessions

  • Videoconference coaching sessions as you work through the study guide.
  • Sessions can be bulk billed through Medicare as Telehealth service if a Mental Health Treatment Plan is provided from your doctor.

OPTION 2: Home Study Package

  • Home Study Package (Basic) – 10 self-paced study modules $550
  • Home Study Package (Silver) – Basic package plus 5 online personal coaching sessions $875
  • Home Study Package (Gold) – Basic package plus 10 online personal coaching sessions $1,100

OPTION 3: Retreat Intensive at Norfolk Island

  • Home Study Workbook plus 10 hours of personal coaching over a 5-day block $1,250
    • Optional add-on wellness activities include yoga, mindfulness, awe walk, massage.

* Airfares and accommodation extra – we can arrange if necessary

* Quotes available for additional wellness activities and tours.

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