Online Counselling & Coaching

Online counselling and coaching support services Australia-wide

Your therapist / coach is now only a click away!

If you’re one of the MANY Australians who simply can’t get to regular sessions with a therapist or coach, we have the solution…

  • Are you a busy professional who can’t afford the time to get to appointments for yourself?
  • You have a FIFO job or spend more time on the road than you do in any one place?
  • Locked in at home with kids and no support to escape for a few hours?
  • Or you live far away from the city and don’t have access to mental health support services?

Online Counselling & Coaching is emerging worldwide as one of the most rapidly growing service industries. As our lives get more hectic, or as work takes us well beyond the city borders, people are turning to online support. After thoroughly investigating the complex issues of working to promote good mental health through online support, we proudly announce the launch of our new Chrysalis Counselling & Coaching Online Services.

We are just a click away, and will take the stress out of finding highly qualified and experienced psychologists available at the time YOU need them. Best of all, we’ve done our homework and only offer the most secure and confidential online platforms and support software currently available – we treat your online sessions with us in exactly the same we manage our face-to-face services.

Options for Online Services

  1. Videoconferencing with the platform VSee ( ). This platform is similar to Skype but unlike Skype offers a secure and confidential service (Skype does not reach international standards for security of health information – it records all sessions and cannot guarantee that these are stored securely). VSee is the most widely used Telehealth platform worldwide – it’s even used in the space station! Best of all, VSee runs on a low bandwidth so is ideal for people in rural and remote communities.
  2. Telephone appointments can be used as a second option if you can’t get access to a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  3. Email communications – sessions can be booked for real-time email exchanges within a dedicated 1-hour appointment slot, or a block of 1-3 hours can be booked to be used as required.

Our Fees

  • Individual Services: $105.00 (Full Fee) or $90 (Low Income)
  • Couples Services: $135.00 (Full Fee) or $110.00 (Low Income) per session
  • Family Therapy / Coaching Services: $165 per session (3+ family members)

Medicare does not provide a rebate for online treatment but many private health funds provide rebates.

Common Questions about Online Mental Health Support Services

Can you help in an acute emergency?

  • No, our service is for booked appointments only. This is because other health providers may be needed to help with an acute mental health crisis, so we urge people in this situation to call LIFELINE on 13 11 14

Is online therapy / coaching as effective as face-to-face?

  • People in business have been using online coaching services and mentoring for many years, usually very effectively. Most of us are now comfortable using Skype and online messaging to stay in touch with friends and family. Whilst online therapy is a new way of delivering mental health support services, many people say they prefer working this way as they are less stressed being in their own personal space, not having to spend time travelling to an appointment, and once they become familiar with the technology it can be as easy as sitting opposite their therapist in an office. Best of all, their confidentiality is secure as no-one can see them going in and out!

Why are you not using Skype?

  •  Before considering launching our e-counselling services, we put a lot of time into “due diligence” – this means we thoroughly explored the risks and benefits, as well as connected with organisations like the Telemental Health Institute to be fully informed about the issues of online services. We know that many counsellors offer Skype services, but this is definitely NOT recommended by many professional organisations. Skype does not provide a point-to-point service (all conversations are relayed via Skype servers where that data are stored and made available on request to third-party agencies such as law enforcement or governments). We therefore do not consider this appropriate for services where trust and confidentiality of personal health information is critical. Only a few platforms offer internationally compliant security (known as HIPAA compliance), and VSee if one of these. You can read more about this on their website.

What happens if we can’t connect or the internet drops out during my session?

  • This is a common problem we all experience, especially people in remote communities where internet service is provided via satellite. It is also an issue during peak “traffic” periods. This is a reason we have chosen VSee as it uses a very low bandwidth and therefore offers a better overall video quality and is less likely to drop out. However, we always provide a back-up plan for all our sessions such as switching to telephone, email, or messenger…and sometimes we simply have to accept that no matter what we do the session will be interrupted.

Service Delivery Terms and Conditions:

It is a condition of all our e-counselling services that you agree to the following:

  1. All e-counselling services must be pre-paid via PayPal or bank transfer (proof of payment required for bank transfer). For email counselling we will advise how much time is used (and still remaining) for both reading and replying to emails.
  2. Sessions are not to be recorded electronically (or in any form whatsoever) unless this is discussed and agreed to with the psychologist, including signing consent for this to occur.
  3. To ensure absolute confidentiality, all sessions must begin with confirmation that your time spent with the psychologist will not be overheard by or involve any other person unless explicitly agreed to by both client and psychologist. Breaches of this will result in immediate termination of the session.