Get2GR8 Course & Retreats

Get2GR8 is our unique Positive Psychotherapy Program offered on Norfolk Island. It is specially designed for people who have been struggling with long-term mental health issues or clients having individual therapy who want to “add value” to their treatment.

Get2GR8 follows a 10-week schedule:

  • Session 1: Introduce my best self
  • Session 2: What are my strengths?
  • Session 3: Mindfulness and savouring
  • Session 4: Memory and mental wellbeing
  • Session 5: Boosting positive emotions
  • Session 6: Beating negative thinking habits
  • Session 7: Cultivating hope and optimism
  • Session 8: Gratitude and forgiveness
  • Session 9: Connecting with others
  • Session 10: Building resilient connections

Each session includes a short talk about the topic for the day, followed by practical activities to help participants put new skills into their everyday lives. The aim is to build up a toolbox of useful skills for coping positively with the ups and downs of life, whilst retraining new brain pathways.


  • $25 per session (fee paying)
  • Medicare bulk billing available with Mental Heath Plan for “group focused psychological strategies” (needs minimum of 6 per session)

Get2GR8 Retreat

The Get2GR8 Program is available as a 5-day Retreat Package for people keen to visit Norfolk Island for a week of intensive personal growth. We can arrange travel and accommodation, either for individuals or small groups wanting to come over to share the program together. The package includes 10 hours of group work and up to 5 individual sessions can be added on as needed.


  • $250 for group program only (with Mental Health Plan)
  • $550 for group program only (without Mental Health Plan)
  • Individual sessions – $75 (without Mental Health Plan)
  • Individual sessions – Bulk Billed (with Mental Health Plan)

* Airfares and accommodation extra – we can arrange if necessary