Wellbeing Retreat at Norfolk Island

If you’re looking for an opportunity to escape the rat-race for a holiday that will enthrall, inspire and revitalise, we have just the answer…join us for a 5-day retreat in one of the safest places on the planet and let us rebuild your passion for life!

We can’t offer you 5-star luxury resorts with every shiny mod con imaginable. What we can offer you is a place you can leave your handbag in the car and it will still be there when you get back. You can go out for the whole day without locking your doors and your belongings are safe. We can offer you a stunning coastline that beats the “Twelve Apostles”, a pristine national park with  360 degree views of the entire island from Mt Pitt, beaches where you can spend the day in complete solitude or snorkel amongst the coral, dining experiences that surpass the mainland, and immerse yourself in bygone times as you discover the amazing history of this place that was settled before Port Jackson! In between discovering our island paradise, watch our gentle cows chewing their cud down at Watermill and be enthralled by the most magnificent chooks and roosters wandering freely around the island.

We invite you to come join us as you luxuriate in the healing powers of this very special place.


Whether you’re getting over a broken heart, need to mend yourself from anxiety or depression, battling burnout or just over living the fast-paced life, or simply want to reconsider your life goals and set yourself a new path, getting “off the grid” for a week experiencing the simple life we offer here will be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself.

We can tailor exclusive packages that include daily coaching sessions with our resident Psychologist and experienced Life Coach who will put together a program ideally suited to your special needs. Learn how to add daily Mindfulness exercises into your life, face the demons head-on and let us help you slay them for good, and take time out just for your own healing in this gentle pristine environment.

Arrange your own travel and accommodation, or let us put together a complete package – come alone, or bring friends or work colleagues, we can work with you to build a program just for you! 

Email us now at chrysalis54@iinet.net.au to take the first step towards a whole new you.